Volunteer Zambia

Join this amazing new volunteering trip to the beautiful country of Zambia. You'll be working with a local dentist treating people in the city of Itezhi Tezhi and the surrounding villages - and you'll get to meet the wildlife too!

  • Volunteers are required to fundraise £2500 to cover the cost of their flights, accommodation, meals on working days, travel in Zambia and to support Dentaid’s ongoing work improving access to dental care around the world
  • Trip dates are 9th – 23rd June 2018
  • Our volunteers will spend some time treating patients in Itezhi Tezhi Hospital and they will also run outreach clinics in surrounding villages working alongside a Zambian dentist.
  • You will stay at guesthouses in Itezhi Tezhi and also spend two nights staying in safari lodges in Kafue National Park.
  • We are looking for a team of six and welcome applications from dentists, dental nurses, hygienists and therapists.
  • Our team will offer pain relieving and restorative dental treatments alongside oral health education programmes.
  • Zambia is 2 hours ahead of GMT
  • On your days off you will be able to visit the national park.
  • The first night will be spent near Lusaka where we hope to visit an elephant nursery. You will then travel to Itezhi Tezhi – a 5 hour journey on roads that are a part tarmac part dirt track.
  • All volunteers should attend a familiarization and training day ahead of their trip.  These will usually be held at Dentaid’s headquarters between Salisbury and Southampton – dates TBC. The cost of this event is £40 which includes lunch and 2 hours’ CPD. Training days are not included in the price of your trip.


Zambia is a landlocked country in southern Africa which is home to wonderful welcoming people and an incredible array of wildlife.

Dentaid has linked with the dental department at Itezhi Tezhi (pronounced e-tej-e tej-e) Hospital and has been asked to send a team of UK professionals to support the work of a local dentist. Treatments required include fillings, scaling, polishing and extractions and all our volunteers will be asked to promote oral health.

The team will work in the hospital and also in the surrounding villages which include fishing communities and subsistence farmers. These people would have to walk up to 120 km to receive dental treatment in the city so our team will visit them to provide essential dental care in their local communities.


Itezhi Tezhi is a city of 60,000 people on the eastern shores of the Itezhi Tezhi dam and the edge of Kafue National Park.  The city has schools, a vibrant market, the hospital, local services and a new hydro-electric plant has recently opened.

The surrounding village communities are extremely rural with thatched mud huts and no running water or electricity.

Every family grows maize which is an essential part of the diet in the area and tomatoes, pumpkins, onions and groundnuts are also widley grown.  Most families keep goats and cattle.

The communities are led by traditional chiefs, suported by village headmen and are largely of the Christian faith.



Covering an area of 22,400 square kilometers, Kafue National Park is the largest protected area in Zambia.

Often considered to be Africa’s finest antelope reserve, the park supports a wide variety of species including strong populations of African wild dog, lion and cheetah.

Elephants and zebra are also common sights in the area and on their days off our volunteers will be able to explore the national park with local rangers.

The area is very flat with open plains and a few dense forests. The Itezhi Tezhi dam is a huge body of water fed by the Kafue River.

The Dentaid team will fly into the capital Lusaka and travel over land to Itezhi Tezhi (330km)  New roads and an airport in the region are being constructed but aren’t completed yet.

A number of tourist lodges have opened in the area and there is an elephant orphanage, conservation projects and primate release programme in Kafue National Park.



Access to dental health is difficult for people living in the area. The dental department in the hospital serves a large population and people living outside Itezhi Tezhi must travel many miles to see the dentist.

People face many other difficulties including wild animals taking their livestock, lack of drinking water, and a shortage of jobs and schooling. Dental care is often not seen as a priority but Dentaid is determined to offer safe, free treatment to people who need it.  Our teams will support the clinics with oral health education programmes.