Any questions?

Dentaid understands that there will be a lot of questions when thinking about volunteering. That’s why we’ve spent time compiling the most common questions and answers to help you.


Is it safe?

In any country there are potential problems that can occasionally occur. Dentaid keeps in close contact with our partners in-country and runs regular checks to safeguard the volunteer’s security.

Do I need a visa?

Each country has its own entry visa requirements. Dentaid will advise you accordingly. Gov.uk's Foreign Travel Advice gives some recommendations.

What funds do I need to raise for the trip?

The trips vary slightly in cost but most are in the region of £2100. This pays for your flight, accommodation, three meals a day on work days, in-country transport, a DBS certificate and a Dentaid t-shirt. It also includes a donation to the project you’ll be working with. Exact costs can be found on the individual trip pages.

What other costs will there be?

Extra costs to you will be your travel insurance policy, travel vaccinations and malaria tablets, your entry visa and local registration (if required).

How much spending money will I need?

You will only need extra money for drinks and meals outside of work days and for shopping and any sightseeing trips you choose. We recommend that £300 is sufficient. It is necessary to notify your own bank prior to travel so that your debit card will not be rejected overseas.

What will be the daily itinerary?

This will be customised to each trip and you will be given more details nearer the departure date.As an example, a typical day would start with travelling to a new location - which could be somewhere fairly remote- and setting up the clinic using the portable dental equipment. This could be in a church, school, community building, prison, slum area or even outside. Then the team will provide treatments and oral health education to the people who come along. There will be a break for lunch. At the end of the day the team meets for a debrief to discuss the day’s activities. Then you will have an evening meal and time to relax.

What will be my duties?

This will depend on your professional qualifications and will be similar to your duties at home.

What sort of situations will we be working in?

You may be working in a small rural clinic, or you may set up a clinic in a school classroom, a community hall, an orphanage or prison. Locations may vary from day to day. You will be given details of your itinerary near to departure.

What transport will the team use in country?

Where possible we will hire a minibus for the sole use of the team. Sometimes you will travel by public bus or taxi.

What accommodation do we use?

Usually guest houses or small hotels. We try to use clean, comfortable accommodation of a reasonable standard, as much as is possible. Occasionally, teams will spend a couple of nights on a mattress on a floor of a tent or even in a hammock.

Will there be hot showers?

Most of the time, but occasionally not.

What will we eat?

A variety of local foods, which will depend on the country you are visiting. Choice can sometimes be limited and we cannot always guarantee that different requirements will be catered for.

What are the loos like?

Most of the time they will be English style but occasionally you will need to squat! It is a good idea to take your own loo roll.

Will I need vaccinations?

Yes. You must visit the travel clinic at your GP surgery to get specific advice for the country you are visiting. You will need to pay for some vaccinations. You can get some advice on the Fit For Travel website http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/home.aspx

Will I need malaria tablets?

For many of the locations you will need malaria tablets. Visit your travel clinic at your GP surgery for specific advice.

Do I need to take a mosquito net?

No, if you are staying somewhere this is necessary nets will be provided.

What other precautions can I take against mosquitoes?

Use an insect repellent spray (with DEET) to spray on your skin. Keep your skin covered in the evenings.

How many people will be on the team?

Usually 8 – 10 people, with a mix of dentists, therapists, hygienist and nurses. Most volunteers come from the UK.

Which airport will the team fly from?

We usually arrange all trips to fly from London and base the flight cost of flights from London. This means the team can meet and fly together and arrive at the same time which is more convenient for the host project. However, if flying from London is going to be difficult we can look into other options but there may be an extra cost to you. Please get in touch to discuss.

Can I volunteer if I am coming from a country outside the UK?

Yes. We are happy to discuss this further, please get in touch with us.

Will we have some free time?

There will be some free time in the evenings and each trip will include a couple of days off to enjoy some sightseeing, shopping or relaxing. Costs of food, travel and sightseeing on days off are not included. This allows greater flexibility and choice for each volunteer.

How safe are my valuables?

It is advisable not to take anything that would cause distress if lost. Valuable items will need to be kept on you at all times. Ensure you have good travel insurance cover for your valuable items.

How can I fundraise for the trip?

Dentaid can give you suggestions and advice. We will provide you with posters, a collection box and t-shirt. We recommend you set up an online donation page with BT MyDonate to help make your fundraising easier to manage. We will give you advice on how to do this. You can promote your online donation page on social media to help raise awareness of your fundraising.